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Artifact – Luminous Cream 1.3 OZ

Artifact – Luminous Cream 1.3 OZ


The Luminous Cream is a moisturizer that’s ahead of its time because its lightweight gel base makes it absorb well into any skin its given. The penetration of its very sophisticated ingredients is what’s so important here… because it is less exposed to air… this happens faster. This facial moisturizer starts a conversation with the skin cells telling them what to do.


A catalog of several ingredients, which are so rare, produce profound lightning. The effect can be seen in just a few days. This well-rounded natural ingredient includes; Clari-NET for Melanin reduction, Plant-sourced Lipo-HCA as a skin lightener and DN-AGE which prevents Photo-Aging. Great for Melasma as well.


A process of fermenting sweet black tea provides an anti-glycation benefit which reverses the negative and aging effect that sugar has on the skin.

Last, this citrus oil and non– endangered Sandalwood blend is aromatic, noticeable and worthy of its predecessors.




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