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We care about your skin and well being. 


Skin care has been a passion for me ever since I suffered from bad acne growing up in the Ukraine. After high school, I pursued my passion by becoming a nurse for a cosmetic dermatologist, the first in my town. My time there laid the foundation for my next big step - moving to the US in 2007 and studying to become an aesthetician. I got my first job at Modvellum in 2011 and was mentored by the owner Rachel Tolve. I was encouraged to focus on clinical skin care vs regular spa treatments since I was motivated to help people see results.

My passion for skin care is an ongoing practice and personal investment. I am continually training, researching and bringing new treatments with high-end, non-invasive equipment to repair and help with all skin conditions including aging, acne, scarring and hyperpigmentation. I’m committed to honesty and setting the right expectations with you - we can work together to figure out the right treatment(s) and proper home care to repair any skin damage and slow down the aging process. My goal is to help you be more confident, feel better about yourself and not feel the need to cover up your face with full face makeup. I look forward to helping you see results!

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